Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment 


About Us 


So let me guess.


You wouldn't call your current fibromyalgia treatment

strategy effective, right? 


You take your expensive medications as prescribed by your 

doctor and...


Nothing happens.


No pain relief.


No easing of your fatigue.


No fibromyalgia symptoms alleviation.


In fact, if you keep it up what you'll wind up with is a range of

drug induced side effects.


In the great cacophony we call society, you go unnoticed,

silently suffering, and untreated.


Not because your fibromyalgia is unworthy of safe effective

treatment, but because it’s just too damn hard for the

medical community to understand and deal with.


Traditional medicines response to your problem can be so

inept that it's as if you never sought treatment at all.


And it's starting to piss me off, big time!


The web has it's fair share of well meaning fibromyalgia

experts expounding upon various fibromyalgia treatment

strategies that they know are only effective for a small

percentage of fibromyalgia patients.


The same is true for the three FDA approved drugs for



Only 10% of fibromyalgia patients who use them find them



You spend an average of one thousand bucks for

pharmaceuticals that have a 90% failure rate.


It's all rather ridiculous isn't it?


You deserve better than that.


And after years of watching from the sidelines, watching

chronic illness devastate the lives of my own family members

and countless friends, I’ve finally decided to do something

about it:


I want to offer you an effective energy based alternative

fibromyalgia treatment option.


I created Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment to teach

you about your energy body, how it contributes to your

fibromyalgia, and to offer you a self administered dynamic

fibromyalgia treatment that will provide you with the

energetic foundation you need to get your life back.


Everything you need to get the effective fibromyalgia

help you deserve.


By the time we’re done, you won’t be a helpless fibromyalgia

sufferer praying for a miracle cure.


You’ll be a fibromyalgia warrior, armored with enhanced vital

power that continuously works for you to alleviate your

fibromyalgia symptoms while you gradually work to restore

your life.


I’ll educate you about energy medicine.


I'll enlighten you.


You'll discover the truth about fibromyalgia that may even

shock you.


I'll provide you with a comprehensive, safe, and

effective dynamic fibromyalgia treatment that will

alleviate your symptoms and rejuvenate your body.


Hello, My name is Michael E. Jones.


I am the creator of Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia

Treatment and the Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia

Treatment Card.


                 The Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment Card (diagrams vary)


I'm what you would call a causal engineer specializing in

energetic signatures for healing. 


It has been my good fortune to reside in Oakland, California

for most of my life.


I was formally educated at the University of California at



My journey as an energy healer started in 1983 with a family



That illness was sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease which

can be fatal while one is relatively young.


My close relative was on so many medications for this

devastating chronic illness that is was ridiculous.


Her doctors were excellent as most of them are.


But alas, as it is with so many other chronic illnesses

including fibromyalgia, they were at a loss.


You see suppressing chronic illness symptoms is not the

same as addressing the causations.


The only measurable relief my dear relative ever got outside

of  surgery was the energy healing that I performed.


Upon reflection, this marked a crucial turning point in my life.


The type of energy healing that I have always performed,

though I do it differently today, is what is known as dynamic



While dynamic loading falls under the category of energy

healing it is not the same as what you would experience from

a touch healer or magneopath.


Magneopaths are great at removing blockages in your energy

body thereby facilitating healing.


That's provided that your body has enough vital power (chi

energy) to affect a healing.


You see, your body will usually heal itself if it has enough

energy to do so.


Most of the medical community seems to be oblivious to this



Dynamic loading goes a few steps further by rejuvenating

your endocrine system and organs. 


The dynamic loading that is offered here at Dynamic Zen

Fibromyalgia Treatment provides a continuous enhancing of

your vital power, you chi.


This coupled with our fibromyalgia alleviating energy

signatures puts you on the path to thriving despite your



There may not be a fibromyalgia cure, at least not yet,

however with our Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment

service you can do a lot better managing this devastating

chronic illness. 




In short, once your body starts getting enough energy to

start healing itself your wellbeing will improve.


The key to effective healing for fibromyalgia and related

conditions is continuous vital energy enhancement.


The same can be said for most chronic conditions.


Offering you a continuous dynamic regenerative treatment for

fibromyalgia is what Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment is

all about.


It takes a lot of chi energy to battle a debilitating chronic



Fibromyalgia is no exception.


Fibromyalgia places a constant drain on your vital power.


Your vital energy must be constantly replenished and

enhanced to ensure a fair fight.


For me, it's all about helping those who cannot help



Cultivating and enhancing your own vital energy is certainly



There are many excellent web sites that teach self healing.


However, with focused intent being the key to self healing,

this is not an option when your will and vital

power have been severely compromised due to severe

fibromyalgia or ME/CFS.


If you are one of the 30% of fibromyalgia patients who are

bedridden, you need help.


A good energy healer could do you a lot of good, but most

healers don't make house calls.


Due to the extensive array of energetic signatures

my dynamic fibromyalgia treatment is like having a team of

healing professionals working for you every day where ever

you are in the world.


Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment My is non local.


As long as you have an activated Dynamic Zen

Fibromyalgia Treatment Card on your person, you will be

the recipient of a powerful flow of vital energy structured

for your fibromyalgia.  


Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment is here to help



You're not alone.


Continuous use of my Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment

fights fibromyalgia at it's source.


As you can tell by now, I am a firm believer in the restorative

power of vital energy, the life sustaining force which exists

throughout the Universe.


But enough about me.


Lets talk about you.


You came here because you want to feel better, right?


Well, I want to help you, and here's why:


I know what's it's like to suffer with no help in sight.


I have witnessed such suffering within my family and I will

never forget it.


You feel ignored by the medical establishment, not because

they aren't trying, but because what they are offering simply

does not work.


The only thing holding you back is a lack of understanding

about how your energy body works and what you can do

about it.


When it comes to managing fibromyalgia symptoms there are

winners, and there are losers, and frankly, if you’re still

reading this, you’re probably losing.


But that stops right now.


You and me, we’re going to turn it around.




Now you have access to a Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment

optimised to alleviate your fibromyalgia symptoms.


All you have to do is get your Dynamic Zen

Fibromyalgia Treatment Card.


I will provide you with vital energy in abundance right now 

thus enabling your body to heal itself.


Give us a try today.


You won't regret it.


Just continue to our Pay Pal page, and I’ll talk to you soon.


Get your Dynamic Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment Card.