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Fibromyalgia And Positive Energy 

As a fibromyalgia sufferer, you know it can often be very difficult to maintain a positive frame of mind.

Your attemps to effectively treat your fibromyalgia can lead to disappointment and despair.

It can be difficult to put a positive face on things. 

Do you radiate positive energy?Fibromyalgia And Positive Energy

Why should you even be concerned about positive energy considering all that you have on your plate?

Positive energy is important because it boosts your body's immune system.

A boosted immune system triggers natural pain killers and that's good news for all fibromyalgia sufferers.

In fact anything that boosts your immune system can be considered a legitimate form of fibromyalgia treatment.

That's great! So how do you get there.

Can you manifest positive energy by merely thinking positive thoughts?

The truth is some fibromyalgia sufferers can, and some cannot.

Any chronic illness, including fibromyalgia, can cause you to become bitter.

That's perfectly understandable.

However, a lingering state of anger and hostility will eventually exacerbate your condition.

Damage will occur at your cellular level and will be reflected in your subtle and physical bodies.

We are not talking about you having a few bad days here and there.

We're talking about a level of negativity that has reached a crisis level.

A negativity that has become so severe that some emotional reprogramming may be in order for positive energy to make it's presence felt in your life.

If you know that you are an extremely negative person complement yourself for realising it.

Your next step is to take action and implement a strategy to eliminate the self sabotage of negative thinking and emotions.

Deeply ingrained negative emotions will consume you with negative thoughts.

Negative thinking can warp into constant pessimism and a very nasty attitude.

Negative emotions can stir so deeply inside of you that it may take some degree of effort to rid yourself of lingering emotional baggage.

This emotional baggage should be eliminated as a  prelude to attaining positive energy.

At best, no one wants to spend much time around negative people and the stifling energy they emanate.

Most people will avoid you.

Those closest to you will either insulate themselves from you or take leave of you out right.

No one in their right mind wants to be a negative person.

What you may need is a pragmatic approach to transform your negative energy into positive energy.

If you are plagued with negative energy and are fortunate enough to realize it, then hang on because I am going to give you a few practical exercises to help you achieve some balance.

If you feel that you don't need to work on negative energy and are more concerned with being optimistic, then skip down to the positive energy exercises.

Fibromyalgia Relief From A Positive Mental Attitude

Cultivating a positive mental attitude while suffering from fibromyalgia is tough but, as you've learned, well worth the effort.

But how can you do this?

Many "positive thought" gurus suggest that you can become a positive thinker merely by changing your belief system to theirs.

Others advocate positive thinking via affirmations which is a solid technique if done properly.

In my opinion affirmations can work wonders if consistently used.

Fortunately there are several simple practical techniques that you can employ that are empowering and holistic.

When used consistently they will aid you in your quest for positive energy.

These techniques require very little time.

They do require that you are focused for a few minutes daily for several weeks.

You can do a lot for your health and wellness by working with the natural elements that surround you.

The techniques that I am proposing utilize the subtle properties of elements that you probably take for granted daily.


How To Remove Negative Energy With Water

Your first step to positive energy should be ridding your self of negative energy.

You can do this effectively by using the subtle qualities of water.

Your first exercise is very simple; in fact you already do it every day.

It involves washing your hands.

Running water over your hands is a powerful self help technique when done with focused intent.

This because of the magnetic property of water.

Water is a magnetic element and maintains this magnetism as long as the water is relatively cold.

Tap water is plenty cold enough as long as it does not exceed 85 degrees.

OK, so here is what I want you to do.

First thing in the morning place your hands under your tap and let water pour over them.

Calmly imagine that as the water flows over your hands it takes with it all of your negativity including your fibromyalgia.

Visualize all of your negativity flowing right out of your body.

See your fears, your frustrations, and all of your failures flowing with the water and down the drain.

If you can't literally see your negativity flow away, not to worry.

Just realize it to be so.

Keep this up for three minutes daily for a minimum of three weeks; that's twenty one consecutive days.

Do not skip a day or you must start over.

You can enhance this exercise by doing it several times a day, every time you wash your hands.

Verbal affirmations supporting your intent are excellent, but not required.

Your mental affirmations will work just as well and are in fact far more powerful.

Say something simple like “all that is negative and hurtful leaves me now never to return”.

Make sure that your affirmation is in the present tense.

You may use soap while performing this exercise if you wish.

Again, see everything that you do not like about yourself flowing out of your body into the water and down the drain.

The results will be quite stunning for those that persist with this simple yet effective exercise.

The next exercise is even easier and again uses as a tool another daily activity, showering.

You will enhance our daily shower by using salt.

Now, as you may know, salt is an excellent purification medium due to it's ability to absorb negativity.

Sea salt is best because it removes toxins from the skin. You may also use Epsom salts if you wish.

Regular table salt also works fine.

At least once a week, while showering, load your scrub cloth with salt and soap and gently scrub your body.

I like to use liquid soap for this exercise.

Be sure to lightly scrub your body with something coarse that will invigorate your skin.

You should also do a good salt scrub whenever you have had a particularly negative encounter with a person or place. It will help reestablish your equilibrium.

You can even do this every day if you like.

These two exercises combined will help you banish, or at least significantly diminish your negative energy.

Returning Anger To Fire

Our next exercise may strike you as a bit odd, however it is highly effective in dealing with extreme anger which of course represents a powerful negative energy imbalance.

If you have an issue with someone, or a situation that has made you mad as hell, then write it down.

If it is a person write down what you think of them in graphic terms.

Relax, you are not going to give your writing to them.

Really let them have it with all that you would like to say if you could say it.

Pour all of your angry emotions into your writing.

Read it once and burn it.

That's right.

Burn your paper and dispose of the ashes.

You have just returned all of that pent up fear, anger, and frustration back to the fire element from which it came.

You will feel a lot better about the person or situation in no time.

These exercises, if done routinely, will take you a long way in banishing negativity in your life.

Most people will see dramatic results in twenty one days.

If you have an extremely negative disposition it can take a bit longer to conquer.

How to Develop A Positive Attitude  

You should perform your exercises for attaining positive energy concurrently with the exercises for diminishing negative energy.

Out with the old and in with the new for twenty one consecutive days. After that evaluate yourself.

You should be quite pleased with your results.

Our first positive energy exercise is an example of a passive form of energy healing.

It is so simple that it may at first seem a little silly. I can assure you that it is quite effective.

It connects you with your radiant inner child, your deep mind. Positive Energy

Cultivating a relationship with your deep mind is one of the most important things you can do in life.

Your new found connection will illuminate your being with positive energy.

For more on this subject read the works of Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips.

The deep mind is easily to communicate with as long as the communication is direct, simple, and void of negative emotion.

What you want is your deep mind working on your behalf, not against you.

Now for the exercise.

First thing upon waking in the morning, go and stand in front of a mirror and greet your reflection with a warm hello.

Make sure you are looking yourself right in the eyes and smiling when you give your greeting.

Do this every day; keep it brief and simple.

Before long you will feel a surge of joy and bliss.

Happy positive thoughts will begin to spontaneously flood your consciousness.

For some people this can happen really fast.

If you have an extremely negative attitude it will take a while longer, but it will work.

Now, wasn't that easy?

Every morning make a habit of this self greeting. It will serve you well.

Positive Prana

Our next exercise will have you working directly with chi energy.

This subtle energy is also often called prana, life force, or bio energy.

It is a background energy that is everywhere and interpenetrates everything.

It is the dynamic component in the air we all breathe.

It should also be abundantly available in the water we all drink as it was in days of yore. 

Now days you have to use structured water if you want your water full of life force as it should be.

While you do get a degree of chi energy from your food, (domestically grown fresh veggies and fruit), and the air you breathe, your absorption of chi energy is greatly enhanced when you are relaxed and conscious of your breathing process.

This exercise is actually a form of chi energy healing.

Perform this exercise at least twice a day.

A morning and evening exercise is a must with a midday session worked in if possible.

Each exercise should only require three minutes of your time.

Remember, you must be consistent in the performance of these exercises to obtain good results.

Let's get started.

To begin, start right after your morning mirror exercise.

Sit in a chair and relax.

Start breathing rhythmically with a 4-2-4 breathing count.

This alone will introduce more life force into your body.

Once you have established your rhythmic breath, on an in breath imagine that with the air you are inhaling through your nose, you are also inhaling bliss and tranquility.

What you are doing here is inhaling chi energy infused with your affirmation.

On the exhale your mind should be blank.

I am using bliss as an example because if you are blissful you are definitely exuding positive energy.

You may use any attribute that you associate with positive energy such as happiness or divine love.

Keep inhaling you attribute to the 4-2-4 count for three minutes.

Every three days increase the time by three minutes until you reach nine minutes.

While nine minutes of this conscious breathing exercise is sufficient, you can increase the time up to twenty one minutes per session if you would like to.

The point is to be consistent.

If nine minute sessions are all you can afford time wise then work up to nine minute sessions.

Just keep these sessions going for twenty one continuous days. This will allow you to gradually ennoble your being with positive energy.

Charity For Positive Energy

Our last exercise for our cultivation of positive energy is optional but strongly recommended.

It is the most important action you can take that will safe guard you and fill your being with positive energy.

It all comes down to one thing; Charity!

Charity sets positive forces in motion.

While the concept of charity is viewed as spiritual the results experienced on the physical plane cannot be ignored.

Charity does not have to be money, but money sure does help.

How much should you give?

Give what you can, but do it anonymously if at all possible. That is when charity is most powerful.

Well wishing is another form of charity if done with sincerity. So is a warm smile and a thoughtful prayer.

The employment of these positive energy exercises will take you a long way and become valuable tools for life.

Good luck! is a dynamic healing service offering the first Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment Card.

Whether you seek substantial relief from ME/CFS, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, lupus, or multiple sclerosis, my Dynamic Fibromyalgia Treatment Card is right for you.

by Michael E. Jones - February 7, 2015

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