Fibromyalgia Treatment - Chi Energy 4 Vitality Terms And Conditions


 This website is an educational and informational resource for fibromyalgia and ME/CFS sufferers. It is not a substitute for working with your qualified medical professional. We are not doctors. I cannot guarantee the outcome of following the recommendations provided and my statements about the potential outcome are expressions of opinion only. I make no guarantees about the information and recommendations provided herein. By continuing to use this website you acknowledge that I cannot guarantee any particular results, as such outcomes are based on subjective factors that are not within my control. Therefore, following any information or recommendations provided on this site are at your own risk. If you need medical advice you should consult a doctor or other professional.


Product Description


I aim to describe and display my product/service as accurately as possible. However, I cannot guarantee that the full range of treatment benefits will be completely accurate. Likewise, I cannot guarantee their uses for your particular circumstances and purposes. Please do not accept that the product/service descriptions contained on this website are entirely accurate, current, or error free. Occasionally, I may correct errors in pricing and merchandise descriptions.


 Refund Policy


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days of your purchase or receipt date, whichever is later, we will fully refund the cost of your order. You must return the Zen Fibro Card in the condition you received it and in the original packaging. All refunds will be handled through PayPal in accordance with their terms and conditions.