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The Zen Of ME/CFS Treatment |


The Dynamic ME/CFS Treatment service featured on this site is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. It is intended as a complementary energy healing therapy. When using energy healing, you should always continue to seek and follow the advice of your qualified medical practitioner.    


Well, who would have thunk it!


What works for fibromyalgia at the energetic

level also performs well for most invisible illnesses.


The Zen Fibromyalgia Treatment Card offered on this

site is a great  remedy for any chronic illness which

exhibits a crushing  fatigue component.The ZenFibro Card stops your ME/CFS well of tears.


In fact, the Zen


Treatment Card

(Zen Fibro Card) is

an excellent



option for (ME/CFS).


From an energetic


fibromyalgia and ME/CFS

are first cousins.


Both are multi symptomed conditions with ME/CFS

characterized by extreme fatigue that worsens with

physical, and or mental activity.


For the sake of clarity, I'll refer to the Zen Fibro Card as

the Zen ME/CFS Card on this page.Dynamic ME/CFS Treatment Card 30 Day Money Back Gurantee


Over one million Americans suffer from

ME/CFS, most of whom are women.


Any comprehensive ME/CFS treatment should address

a myriad of symptoms including:


  • extreme muscle weakness   


  • cognitive dysfunction   


  • hypersensitivity   


  • orthostatic intolerance   


  • digestive disturbances   


  • depression   


  • poor immune response    


  • cardiac and respiratory problems   


ME/CFS does not improve with rest and is difficult to



This is compounded by the fact that there is no medical

cure for ME/CFS.


Standard medical treatment for ME/CFS focuses on acute

symptoms relief.


Such a focus leaves much to be desired when it comes

to restoring your vitality and energy.


One thing is for sure.


From an energetic perspective, your vital power (chi

energy) is the common denominator for ME/CFS and



Enhance your vital power and your ME/CFS symptoms

will begin to fade, slowly but surely.


ME/CFS causes disability comparable to many

degenerative diseases such as heart disease and

rheumatoid arthritis.


The problem is that patients diagnosed with ME/CFS are

usually not taken as seriously.


When considering these factors, there is little wonder

that so many are turning to alternative medicine,

particularly energy healing, as a source of treatment for



Continuous vital power enhancement is the only way to

effectively address the systemic causes of ME/CFS

which are located within your energy body (aura).ME/CFS Treatment


At issue here are energy

center (chakra)

blockages and vital

power (chi energy)



The end result of these energetic imbalances are a

compromised immune system and a perpetually fatigued



With ME/CFS and fibromyalgia it's your energy body

that's crying out for help.


The symptom by symptom drug approach won't cut it.


But what can you do to improve your situation?


Here at Fibromyalgia Treatment-Chi Energy 4 Vitality we

offer a 100% energy based Zen ME/CFS  Treatment  

Card that is an effective energetic remedy for



While it won't cure you, it'll sure make you feel better.


Much better!ME/CFS Treatment Card (example)


The Zen ME/CFS Card will provide you

with a continuous flow of structured chi

energy that will contribute to the alleviation of your



From an energetic perspective, the depletion of chi

energy and a sharp rise in inflammation, common to

ME/CFS sufferers, is the result of you no longer being

able to process the vital power you need to thrive from

your food and environment.


This leads to a compromised energy body.


As a result your immune system is severely weakened

and your vitality is zapped.


The Zen ME/CFS Card directly addresses your chi

energy depletion issue head on.


The Zen ME/CFS Card is safe, non invasive, effective,

and will not interfere with any medications you may be



Once you enhance your vital power by consistent use

of the Zen ME/CFS Card, your ME/CFS symptoms will

begin to wane  and you'll begin to get your life back.


ME/CFS Causes : An Energetic Perspective


ME/CFS, when viewed from a holistic angle, brings to

mind the work of several intuitive healers. 


These healers feel that this syndrome is caused by an

energetic disorder of the base or root chakra, one of our

seven primary energy centers.


The chakras act as regulators for your vital power.Your Chakras


Once you become ill it is

crucially important to keep

them functioning properly.


This is something that most

people never even consider,

even folkes who are knowlegable about the chakras.


Chakra work will ensure more efficient

use of your available chi energy (vital power).


Even if you're not ill, you would benefit

tremendously from frequent chakra work.


This is simply due to the fact that everyone has some

degree of chakra imbalance.


The goal of chakra cleansing and balancing is to tune

your energy system.


To get it to run more smoothly. 


I agree with the view that a deficient base chakra is a

contributing factor for ME/CFS.


However, I would also add that a deficient third chakra,

or solar plexus chakra, is an equal contributer to



When your base chakra is deficient, pronounced

insecurity and vulnerability are usually the result.

You loose your drive. 


You experience exhaustion and physical weakness.


When this chakra is properly balanced it will eventually

give rise to stability and physical health.


A clear sign that your solar plexus chakra is deficient is a

diminished will. 


Panic attacks and l ow self esteem are also

quite common.


The solar plexus chakra, when balanced, gives rise our

self esteem and vitality.


It has been noted that ME/CFS sufferers often have a

history of trying to be all things to all people.


They typically engage more people and projects than

they can support with their vital power.


The resultant stress gives rise to a sharp increase in

inflammation, and causes your immune system to crash.


The final end product is a catastrophic loss of vitality and



Eventually you suffer a literal burn out. 


You've become consumed by energy draining objectives

and people.


Now I ask you; is it any wonder that women ages 30

thru 50 are the most affected group for chronic fatigue



Just look at how many are single parents.


That alone can consume you.


Add earning a living to your "to do" list and we're talking

about a constant drain on your chi energy, especially if

you make your living in front of an electro magnetic

frequency (EMF) emitting computer screen all day.


EMF'S disrupt the flow of your chi energy and over time

clog your chakras with energetic debris. 


Depending on one's inherent constitution, and other

environmental stresses, you often wind up with the

perfect recipe for ME/CFS or fibromyalgia.


Allopathic medicine usually treats each ME/CFS symptom

singularly, often resulting in the administering of several



These medications can mask some of the symptoms of

ME/CFS, but do little for your core problem which is

energetic in nature.


Holistically speaking, healing can only be achieved when

the cause of an illness is treated and transformed.


If all you are doing is taking medications that mask

symptoms, healing will never happen for you.


Your entire existence will be governed by your



Many of us live like this today.


Because ME/CFS and fibromyalgia affect your entire

body a holistic treatment approach is best.


The problem is that when a holistic approach is

considered it rarely includes consideration of your energy



Treating your energy body should be a fundamental first

step in treating chronic illness.


This is because disease always starts in your energy

body  prior to manifesting in your physical body.


Your energy body is the seat of your vital power, the fuel

that powers your life processes.


Your energy centers (chakras) are also located

in your energy body.  They parallel your endocrine



This is why chakra work, either passive or active, is so

important for the treatment of chronic illness. It's the

safe way to return your endocrine system  to normal.


Your aura, usually considered as one distinct energy

field, actually consists of at least seven interwoven

energy fields reflecting our seven primary chakras.


For our dynamic healing purposes we are primarily

concerned with the first two auric layers which can

conveniently be called the electric and astral auras.

Best Chronic Fatigue Treatmrnt (Aura)


The electric aura  reflects your immediate

health condition.


The auric layers do not exist separately but do serve

different functions.


Chi energy works prominently in the electric aura

because chi emanates from the body.


The stronger your chi emanation is the healthier you are.


The astral aura is where your chakras are seated.


From an extra sensory perception perspective, the astral

aura emanates a far brighter light than the electric aura.


The astral aura is specifically enhanced with chakra

clearing and balancing.


It should be noted that the Zen ME/CFS Card provides a

strong chi energy flow (emanation) combined with

passive chakra balancing.


  That's how the ME/CFS Card works. It performs multiple

energetic tasks simultaneously.


That's all you need to attain a substantial measure of well

being over time.


However, do keep in mind that you should actively

balance your chakras regularly if your goal is the

attainment of radiant health.


I will cover a quick chakra clearing exercise in this article.


Chakra balancing, while simple, takes a lot more time

and energy. 


The whole point of enhancing your energy

body with the Zen ME/CFS Treatment Card is that your

body will heal itself if provided with enough chi energy.


Blockages in your energy body will dissipate and your

chi flow will increase 


This is the advantage of the treatment service offered



The Zen ME/CFS Card is the conduit for a powerful

structured chi energy flow that will provide you with the

additional energy you need to heal and get on with your



Repair does not happen overnight, but gradually you will

begin feeling better.


While consistent use of the Zen ME/CFS Card provides

substantial symptoms relief of relatively quickly, the

patch should be employed as a continuous treatment.


A minimum treatment cycle for ME/CFS should be three



Nine months to a year is optimal.


Many will never stop using Zen ME/CFS Card simply

because having a surplus of chi energy makes you a

much healthier and effective person.


By carrying the Zen ME/CFS Card on your person,

in a pocket or in your wallet, you will receive a

continuous supply of vitality laden chi energy far more

potent than most have ever experienced before.


My service is available to you twenty four hours a day,

seven days a week.


Your location is not an issue.


It makes no difference where you are in the world.


As long as you have the Zen ME/CFS Card on your

person you'll have an abundance of chi energy working

on your behalf putting your ME/CFS check.


When using the Zen ME/CFS Card it is important to

gradually  increase your exposure time allowing your

body to adjust  to the enhanced vital power.


Wear the Card on your person three to six hours daily.


Increase use by an additional three hours per week up to

fifteen hours if needed.


For most people a maximum exposure time of nine hours

daily should be sufficient.


Before long you will notice a drastic reduction in your

symptoms and a huge boost in your well being.


Note how much you have improved after each month's

use of the Zen ME/CFS Card.


ME/CFS Hydration Therapy


In addition to wearing the Zen ME/CFS Card daily as a

continuous dynamic treatment, you should also use it to

create a potent hydration therapy.


You do this by using your ME/CFS Card to make

structured water.Hydration Therapy For Chronic Fatigue


Structured water literally brings water back

from the dead.


That's right, our drinking water is dead.


Even bottled water is lifeless.


It is void of the bio energy that would be present if you

consumed rain or fresh spring water. 


Water that's laden with chi energy

detoxify your body and enhances your immune system.


It also provides more effective hydration.

Using your Zen ME/CFS Card to charge your water with

vital power is simple. Just take a gallon of bottled water

and place it on top of your Card for at least ten minutes.


In fact, why not an hour, or even overnight? 


Doing this will saturate your drinking water with chi



Drink four to six glasses of this structured water daily.


Be sure to start your day with a glass or two of your

vitality laden structured water prior to having your



This simple hydration therapy, combined

with wearing your dynamic Zen ME/CFS Card as

directed, will have you well on your way to successfully

managing your ME/CFS.


You will become energized, your symptoms will abate,

your immune system will improve, and your vitality will



Remember, the Dynamic ME/CFS Card is emitting

powerful chi energy 24/7.


That gives you plenty of time to structure your water and

even energize your supplements.

Well, that's it in a nut shell.


Just use the Zen ME/CFS Card pocket or wallet as



You'll soon notice improvement in your overall

condition.  Your ME/CFS will loosen it's grip on you.   


You'll soon discover that enhanced chi energy is the

missing link to your wellness.


Everyone will benefit from my dynamic ME/CFS

treatment in their own time frame.


A person who has suffered ME/CFS for a year will

certainly repair quicker than someone who has suffered

for twenty years. 


However both individuals will be pleased with their

improved wellbeing. 


While the Zen ME/CFS Treatment stands on it's own as

an effective and, at 129 a month, cost efficient ME/CFS

treatment, it can be enhanced by a few super foods.


A good supplemental treatment for ME/CFS uses the

super foods honey and cinnamon.


Honey and cinnamon are a potent combination that is

well documented and featured on many good web sites.


First a few comments must be made regarding treatment



The honey used in this treatment must be natural raw



Processed honey looses too many key nutrients in

processing and is useless for our purposes.

The cinnamon that we use also must be considered for

freshness and taste.


Get your cinnamon from a health food store and avoid

the type that tastes like dirt. It's usually the least



For a little more money you can get quality fresh

cinnamon with an excellent taste.


This treatment can be enhanced by energizing all

ingredients using the Zen ME/CFS Card.


The procedure is simple and the resultant draft is a

fatigue buster and perfect complement to using the Zen

ME/CFS Card.


Take your jar of honey and place it on top of your Zen

ME/CFS Card for ten minutes minimum. Longer if you



Do the same with your cinnamon which should be in a

plastic bag or small clear glass jar. 


You may use green tea with your chi charged water to

make a wonderful holistic draft.


Don't worry about the caffeine. It's much milder than

that contained in coffee.


All you do is mix one tablespoon of honey with a tea

spoon of cinnamon and stir them in a glass of structured

water or tea.


Drink one glass in the morning and one glass in the



Don't get so busy with your ingredients that you forget to

structure your water for at least ten minutes.


Now you have a contingent of natural foods charged for

the task of restoring your vitality and  countering

your ME/CFS.


If you follow this treatment strategy you will be quite

satisfied with your results.


Now that you know how to treat your electric aura, let's

tend to your electric aura.

The alpha aura is where your power centers (chakras)

are located.


The issue for you is keeping them clear and to some

extent balanced.


I do want to reiterate that using the Zen ME/CFS

Treatment Card as directed will balance your chakras to

a significant degree.


Drinking structured water will further enhance your

chakra health.


Your body wants to vibrate at a healthy resonance, and

will readily move from an imbalanced state towards a

healthy state when healing energy is available.


My ME/CFS treatment is more than powerful enough to

do this.


You can further enhance your wellbeing by performing

periodic chakra cleansing.


ME/CFS And Chakra Cleansing


Chakra cleansing is very simple.


In fact you can get started right now.


All you need is some salt and a coarse scrub cloth.


Sea salt is best for this simple exercise, but any salt will

do including Epsom salt.


As you may know, salt is a great cleanser and that is

exactly what we are going to do.



You can cleanse your chakras as often as you like while



Just take your scrub cloth and apply a generous portion

of salt.


While taking a bath or showering lightly scrub in a

circular motion the center of your forehead between your



Next, lightly scrub your throat and then the center area

of your chest.


Then scrub your solar plexus area followed by the area

right below your naval.


You end with a soft salt scrubbing of your perineum area

as well as the base of your spine .


Please note that this simple chakra cleansing exercise

should not be taken lightly.


I was one to ignore chakra work.


It all sounded like a new age fad.


Just the idea of negative energy sediment accumulating

around the chakras sounded far fetched to me. After all,

you can't see it.


Then I realised how much better I felt when I started

paying attention to my chakras by regularly either

cleansing or balancing them.


To sum up, the Zen ME/CFS Treatment is the best

complementary ME/CFS treatment available because it

addresses the core problems that you are dealing with

every day; chakra blockage and chi energy depletion.


ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, lupus, and all severe chronic

illness should be treated with an energetic approach.


When syndromes are treated this way you avoid the risk

of dangerous drug side effects.


Using chi energy as the catalyst for wellness

enables your body to heal itself.

Gauge the results of your Zen ME/CFS Treatment after

ninety days.


Continue the treatment as needed preferably in three, six

or nine  month increments.


Oh, one final thing.


As you start to get your energy back, use it.


Start doing basic exercise like stretching and walking.


Do as much as you can, and by all means push yourself.

Michael E. Jones, creator and founder of Fibromyalgia

Treatment - Chi Energy 4 Vitality wishes you love

and wellness.


I strongly recommend that you take the time right now

to get on my subscription list for your Zen ME/CFS



Zen ME/CFS Cardes are issued every Sunday.


There is a monthly charge of one hundred

and twenty nine dollars.


You will not receive spam from me and your information

will always remain confidential.


After all, this is about you and your well being.


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